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What is ATW?

The world is becoming an increasingly dangerous place. We believe international terrorism is here and represents a threat to our way of life. USSD, the sponsor of ATW, recognizes natural disasters are an ever-present danger. So, both terrorism and natural disasters have the potential to disrupt and terrorize our lives.

We need to learn, prepare, and be watchful. We have begun a program at United Studios to respond to these dangers and have named this new division the United Studios ATW or Anti-Terrorist Watch.

USSD and its Anti-Terrorist Watch will create new benefits for our students and their communities. Through this new series of programs we invite you to join now and learn about terrorism and add community preparedness to your own personal preparedness.

As your physical preparedness and mental awareness grows United Studios is ready to carry your training to new levels. These new programs will benefit you and your family, your neighborhood, and your entire community. They will prepare you for leadership and new recognition both within USSD and your community.

The first track of ATW is for anti-terrorism training. Emphasis is upon six modules for law enforcement and terrorist activity. This will be done in conjunction with law enforcement agencies and includes subscription to this monthly newsletter. Graduates will have the designation of "Anti-Terrorist Warriors".

The second track of ATW is for Disaster Preparedness. One four hour module deals with personal, family, and neighborhood survival. A second weekend advanced module is built around CERT training. It is to be taught by LA Sheriff Department officers and carries national certification upon completion.

Nationally recognized institutions such as the Red Cross, FBI, FEMA-approved training programs, police and sheriff organizations with their professional training staffs will be utilized whenever possible, along with their appropriate certifications. In addition, USSD and ATW certificates of achievement, and other recognition will be awarded to every student completing each level of our programs.

The United Studios of Self Defense is currently celebrating 20 years of operation in providing training in karate. The emphasis has been physical fitness, respect, and discipline developing a mental attitude of self-confidence based upon ancient Shaolin Temple principles.

Our philosophy has met with widespread acceptance. USSD has grown to a company with 180 dojos and 35,000 active students. We are in seventeen states as well as Canada and Ireland. United Studios has trained over one million individuals. It is the world’s largest company teaching self defense techniques.

USSD now is poised to expand our programs and offer a new experience. We believe learning self defense is not only a personal achievement; it makes you a potential force for good in society. You become an asset to your community. truck accidents Beyond your preparation for self defense is a need for community self defense. This is the transition we are beginning. What lies in store for you in the discipline of karate? What do you see beyond your present accomplishments?

Our first program will be available on March 7th, 2009. Details will be available soon at your local dojo.

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